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  • Decide to Move

    • Let your friends and family know!
  • Planning

    • Familiarize yourself with the new area.
    • Contact realtors, schools, healthcare facilities and other essential personnel.
    • Contact your moving company to begin the planning process.
  • Pre-Packing

    • Use our website as a resource to learn about the moving process, how to pack, and more!
    • Clean out and donate unneeded items.
    • Purchase high-quality moving materials. Read about what you’ll need on our Packing Materials page.
    • Optional: create a moving inventory of your items in case you’d like to track everything along the journey.
  • Packing

    • Ensure you have the necessary materials such as boxes, tape, padding, wrapping and mattress bags.
    • Label boxes on all sides and tops.
    • If you’re a DIY packer, please watch our videos on how to pack fragile items. If your movers are packing for you, don’t worry about it!
    • Decide which items are your most valuable such as medications, paper documents, money and jewelry. These items should be moved by you, not your movers.
    • Now is a good time to fill out a change-of-address form with and any other important parties.
  • Moving

    • Load your most valuable items into your personal vehicle.
    • When your movers arrive, give them a walkthrough explaining everything that is to be moved and what is not to be moved.
    • During the walkthrough, mentioning what your most valuable and fragile items are helps movers to understand what should be wrapped with a little extra padding!
    • Once at the new place, be available to the movers so that they know where to place things as the truck is unloaded.
  • Unpacking

    • Unpack your kitchen and bedrooms first.
    • Unpack common areas like your dining and living rooms next.
    • Unpack spare rooms, back patios and garages last.
    • Read our Packing & Unpacking page for more unpacking tips!
  • Wrap-Up

    • If you used movers and you thought that their service was awesome, please take a moment to leave a review online so that other people can learn how awesome they are!
    • Check back in with your family and friends located in the old neighborhood!

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