Moving Containers

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What are Moving Containers?

Moving containers are under development by United Moving Solutions which is a solution serving as the answer to many problems presented by the logistical and storage needs of people and businesses. Moving containers utilize the standard storage solution that has been offered particularly by one other storage company for many years, and in 2019 United Moving Solutions adds wheels for the easier transportation of these types of metal storage units. The addition of wheels and a frame allows these containers to attach to a truck with a towing hitch. United Moving Solutions brings this moving solution of the future to you as a family-owned business proudly, and with a smile.

Who uses moving containers?

Moving containers are an improvement upon the type of storage already offered by another company with white storage containers that you’ve probably seen here and there. Our improvement lends to a more a speedy, easy, and efficient way to transport your things. Say, for example, that you’re a family who wants to be in charge of the packing and loading of your belongings for your move across Nevada’s Lincoln county. You can call United Moving Solutions and request a moving container. We’ll drop if off at your home, and leave it there for you over a few days while you take your time to carefully pack and load your home into this storage container. Lets us know when you’re done, and then we’ll come back to your home, attach your container to one of our trucks, and then we all can make the trip to your new place, where once again we’ll leave the container with you so that there’s no rushing the unload process either. As you may see, this solution provides new and unique ways in which families can decide to move!

People just like you use moving containers to tackle the challenges of moving and storing items over short and long distances. The traditional storage solution offered by the other company we’ve mentioned is a storage service that provides care for their customers from door to door. They’ll drive to any house, apartment or business and unload metal containers of different sizes from their trucks that are used to store things over short and long timeframes. Depending on the needs of the customer, these containers are often left at one location; for example for an office remodel, when the office only needs to move furniture out of the building so that they can paint the walls. In other situations, once full, these traditional containers are picked up by their company’s trucks using lifts. This is a way for their customers to move their container over distances. Unfortunately for their customers, the process of loading the container onto a flatbed truck with a lift is not only timely, but it’s noisy, sometimes unstable resulting in the shifting of items, and requires a lot of space around the container for everything to maneuver. When these containers need to be moved, that’s when our moving containers come into play! This long process is minimized when a United Solutions Moving truck can just drive right up, attach, and then wheel the container right off!

United Moving Solutions is your One Stop

For all moving needs over any distance, United Moving Solutions is the one stop solution for everyone. We’re a family-owned business with over a decade of experience and a track record of providing superior customer service at the most competitive rates. Field representatives, a.k.a. our customer-service oriented movers, work tirelessly with staff from our dispatch and logistical departments to bring you the best care found in the moving service industry! Contact us for a no obligation estimate!

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