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8 Tips for Moving Out of State

Even for a move right down the street, there’s an enormous amount of energy required to move every last thing out of your home. When it comes to moving out of state, not only does it take even more energy, but it takes more time, research and planning. Whether you’re making the move for a new job or to get an exciting fresh start, we’ve got some tips for you! 

1. Decide on a New Place

The best way to decide on a new place is to quickly determine which factors of your move you do have control over and which factors you don’t. Say you’re moving across state lines to take a position at your company’s corporate office. In this situation, you won’t have control over the city or town that you’re moving to. You will however have control over the home that you’re moving in to, so upfront research here will have a relatively large impact on your move. 

Also consider which factors of your move are most important to you. Say you have a child with special educational needs. In this situation, maybe you don’t have any specific obligations to move to a particular area, and thus finding the very best school that’s fit for your child’s needs may be the deciding factor for where you move.

2. Learn About the New Place

When moving across state lines, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the new place before you get there. This way, you’ll feel less stress before you move and you’ll feel more confident once you get there. 

Use the Internet to get to know the new state, city/town and neighborhood. Start with learning about the essentials, such as the healthcare facilities that take your insurance (or have reasonable self-pay rates). Then learn how you’ll enjoy yourself once you’re there by identifying leisurely and fun things to do! To really feel acquainted to the new place, select activities that are fitting to your new location like skiing in Colorado or taking jazz guitar lessons in New Orleans. 

3. Handle Paperwork

You will need to forward your mail, cancel current services such as utilities, schedule new services, get a new driver’s license and establish legal residency for tax purposes. You may have to notify certain organizations of your new address, as for example insurance companies, the Social Security Administration, loan providers, and your bank. Depending on your timeline, you may have to handle paperwork and make arrangements at a few different points during your move. 

4. Create a Moving Binder

Creating a moving binder is a great way to plan your move and stay organized along the way. Include information like timelines for paperwork, copies of essential documents, to-do lists, important dates, receipts and our moving checklist found here:

5. Pack Carefully

In order to prevent damages to your items over interstate moves, you’ll need to pack carefully. Before you start packing, check out our pages on packing and packing materials!

As moving to a new state presents many opportunities for running over potholes in the road and making quick stops at red lights, the way your items are packed not only in boxes, but also in the moving truck(s) makes an enormous difference in how your items stay intact. Different types of fragile items call for different packing methods and materials. Packing a moving trucks calls for more than just setting the heaviest items beneath lighter ones. 

Even if you decide to hire a moving company to help pack, you’ll still need to pack some of your own items. Moving companies do not move all household items such as hazardous chemicals. Consider which documents you may need access to during the move, namely health records.

6. Hire a Professional Moving Company 

Moving over long distances is stressful, but it can be far less stressful by hiring a professional moving company. Some benefits of movers include getting help with planning, less overall risk, and even the potential of saving money.

Moving companies have logistical experts who can quickly determine not only what equipment and materials should be used for your move, but also what sort of containers should be used. For example, the most logistically efficient decision for your move may be to use a Box on Wheels or a storage container. Our logistical team at United Moving Solutions can help you make decisions like this! 

By using movers, there is less risk involved not only by preventing injuries, but there’s also less risk for your belongings since professional movers are licensed, bonded and insured. Each and every move we make at United Moving Solutions is insured by the pound!

Many people are left with an excess of packing materials after moving their own items. Oftentimes they are also stuck with moving equipment like handtrucks that just take up space, which they may never use again. Sometimes they pay too much for rental trucks that are far too large and in worst case scenarios, they have to rent a second truck because the first truck isn’t large enough. Hiring professionals can potentially help save money!

7. Explore the New Place

After you’ve unpacked your essential items and got a good night’s sleep, get out and explore the new place! Using location focused technologies such as Google Maps and Meetup can open up countless possibilities all around your new area. Explore well-known places first and begin to speak with locals to find out about the new area’s hidden treasures. 

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When it comes to moving companies, hiring reputable professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured will save you time, energy and stress. Right from the beginning of your move starting with the planning process and the help with packing, all the way up to unpacking on the other side of the long haul over state lines, we’re your one stop for all moving needs!

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