Convention and Trade Show Services

Convention and Trade Show Services

Here at United Moving Solutions, we serve the needs of our ever-so-vast Convention and Trade Show market that Las Vegas is well known for. No matter the size of your booth or the high demands that come with organizing the event of showcasing your company, we are fully equipped to help.

Convention and Trade Show Storage Options

Our secured warehouse located in an industrial area 2 minutes from the Strip and 10 minutes from Las Vegas Convention Center, is the perfect in-between space to house your company’s Convention and Trade Show display items all year round until your next event. Our warehouse is fully equipped with industrial shelves, also individual storage containers are available. For larger loads, our 4-bay loading-unloading area has forklift service available.

Pick Up and Delivery Services

There are so many details to deal with while preparing your company’s event for a Convention or Trade show. United Moving Solutions can help simplify the process by picking up the items you plan to showcase whether they are in our warehouse or at another location and delivering them to the site of your event. When the event is complete we will return to receive them and return them to their destination.

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Full Service Convention and Trade Show Option

United Moving Solutions Full-Service Convention Center and Trade Show option is perfect for any business that is planning an event. Our full service includes storing your display items, obtaining a Certificate of Insurance (COI) if required, and delivery and pick up to the Las Vegas Convention Center or any other destination. Our professional movers will set up your booth and return to dismantle it after your event is over then return your display items to our warehouse until your next show.

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Basic Protection with Your Convention or Trade Show Quote

Ensuring that you are safeguarded in the event of unforeseen damage or loss to your company’s display items during the entirety of our contract between your organization and United Moving Solutions is important to us, that is why we provide our Basic Value Protection option to every partnership for Convention and Trade Shows as part of our basic package.

If your team has not made any alternate arrangements with United Moving Solutions, then your Convention and Trade Show quote will include our basic Basic Value Protection option, which is generally sufficient for most shipments that will be handled and stored until it is time for installation.

As part of this option, in the event that your display items are lost or damaged during the duration of the project, they will be repaired or replaced. United Moving Solutions may offer you other compensation up to the total amount of the shipment protection that you have chosen. It is imperative to be aware of the terms and conditions that apply.

For more information about the option selected by your team, please contact your relocation specialist.