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What’s Involved With Packing and Unpacking?

Packing and unpacking are large parts of the overall moving process. These processes frequently involve the storage and transportation of objects over distances of all lengths for reasons both personal and commercial. We cover the packing process on a few other sections on our website such as Packing, Packing Materials, Packing Tips & Video, and Checklist, all found within the Moving Process section. On this page we detail ways in which to conduct your unpacking process to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

Usually people place more thought into the pack process than they do into the unpack process. And usually while packing, people have a bit of fun along the way, but after that and then a long move, unpacking usually doesn’t sound anywhere near as fun. Fortunately we understand this, and from our tips and tricks here to the unpacking services we provide to our happy customers like you, we’re here to turn any unpacking frowns upside down!

Making Unpacking Easy

The best way to unpack your move is to consider how you packed your move. Assuming that you at least labeled your boxes by room, of course you should start unpacking by this room to room organization. And by the way, maybe you did your homework and read on our Packing Materials webpage our suggestion to buy pre-labeled tape which saved you the time of scribbling on boxes. If you created an inventory of your items, now is a good time to do a complete check to account for all of your boxes and large items.

Start by unpacking the necessities. These are the things that you eat, wear and use on a daily basis. Key essentials to keep in mind are medications, important documents, toiletries and break time entertainment. The first full room you’ll usually want to start with is the kitchen so that you’re comfortably fed enough to have the energy necessary to unpack the rest of your home. Next you’ll want to tackle the bedrooms so that after the bed frames are set up, everyone will at least a comfortable place to spend the first night at the new place. After bedrooms, families typically move on to their common areas such as living rooms and dining rooms, and then finally round out it all out with areas like garages and back yards. And a good rule of thumb for each of these areas is to set the furniture up first so that your items have places to go.

Now of course consider that instead of having to do all of the above on your own, you can use the same moving company that will help with your move, to help with your unpacking too! United Moving Solutions provides full service moves which includes help all the way until your things are put away. Utilizing the storage space of closets is an art form, and luckily by having some friends at United Moving Solutions, you know some artists! Contact our family-owned business for a no obligation quote!

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