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Packing for a Move

Preparing to pack for a move calls for preparation right from the start! In order to have a smooth pack, move, and unpack, it’s best to follow a system that will keep you organized and your items safe, allowing you to be more free of the common worries associated with moving. Below we outline a system for packing your items, offering the obvious tips like “label the tops of your boxes”, and even some words of wisdom. This article serves as a general guide to the packing process, and we provide more complementary information on other webpages about the unpacking process, our packing video section, and definitely check out the Checklist!

Preparing to pack starts with understanding what the needs are for your move. Because every move calls for vastly different plans and actions, these needs are often quite unique from individual to individual. Packing requires packing materials. The reputations of moving companies thrive on their abilities to not only provide the top of the line service, but also their abilities to provide supreme packing materials. The items that professional moving companies use in their day to day practice ensures that your items are transported from door to door as safely as possible.

Save time by placing your items inside of boxes that can be stacked and then carried or preferably, wheeled by hand trucks. The most quick and efficient moves come from those where very close attention has been paid to the organization of the packing process. Boxes should be labeled on every side, and top. Don’t worry about the bottom side that sits on the floor or on top of other boxes. As mentioned on our Packing Materials page, we suggest buying tape pre-labeled with the names of different rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2. Make sure that all of your labels are seen on the four vertical sides of the box and the top. When the top is labeled, the inevitable “fragile” boxes are most easily seen by the people picking them up. Labeling on the sides provides for quick placements into different rooms as professional movers use hand trucks (what many people call “dollies”) to move multiple boxes at once. This unloading process at the new place greatly depends on the organization of the packing process, and logistical experts like the professionals at United Moving Solutions will help you plan to take action!

Packing Yourself to Move

Some of our customers decide to pack themselves for their move for various reasons; if you’re one of these people, that’s great, we have some suggestions for you! If you decide to pack your own belongings, please contact us and we can help you choose the proper packing materials. You may want to take a moment to read the recommendations we make on our Packing Materials page. Remember, our expertise is in the high quality materials that are used as the premier standard all across our industry.

United Moving Solutions is One Stop for All Moving Needs

When it comes down to it, you can choose to pack yourself to move, but also the bottom line is this: you will save time by allowing us to pack you for your move, and we will treat your items like they are our very own, and that’s with respect. One of the most stressful parts of the moving process is the packing. We not only provide you with the knowledge we’ve gained through experience with our videos, and we help on moving day by not only packing your items for you, but as your full service movers we will also handle the unpacking for you too. Our customer service representatives will gladly provide you with a no obligation estimate. Our family-owned business is one stop for all of your moving needs. You can reach us from anywhere through Skype or by telephone and while we’re on the line, ask us about our specials, we may have the perfect one for you! Remember, the best way to pack your home is room, by room. The process should be fun. We’d love to help!

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