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Moving Insurance Protection

You may be relieved to learn that the most professional moving companies (usually indicated by being licensed, bonded, and insured) also offer what’s known as moving coverage protection. Not only are these professional movers insured themselves as a company, but they also provide real coverage to their customers too! This moving coverage provides customers like you with the ability to receive compensation in the unfortunate event that items are damaged in the moving process.

Homeowners and renters insurance may not cover moves to begin with, and when they do, many people find that the fine print doesn’t really provide them with much coverage at all. For instance, sometimes customers are frustrated to find that their belongings were not covered while they were “in transit.”

With us, you will receive the $0.60 per pound per article valuation coverage provided by law. Further, you may elect the optional moving insurance provided by one of our trusted third party companies. Please contact one of our representatives for additional information!

United Moving Solutions’ Additional Coverage

We automatically provide every one of our customers with moving coverage for moves booked with United Moving Solutions. Although we already make our customers feel right at home at our family-owned business, customers feel additional comfort knowing they’re insured. Most people never really need to think too much about the coverage plan anyway because of our track record of being highly skilled at preventing damages is our standard to begin with!

We refer to every move for each of our customers as a “family member move” since we treat our customers like family. Because we are the most understanding around about how frustrating the moving process can be, we offer $0.40 per pound per article of additional coverage, bringing the potential coverage for your move to $1.00 per pound per article.

We not only take the weight off of your shoulders when it’s moving day, but we provide assurance that when you unpack your boxes in the days following your move you will find that your items made it safe and sound. All of our staff, from our moving personnel to our dispatch and logistics departments, understand the ins and outs of the moving industry and work together as a team to provide you with exceptional customer service. We have more than a decade of experience moving people just like you. We’re your one stop for moving, and we do it all with a smile. From your location anywhere in the world, you can call to speak and even video chat with our representatives. You’ll be greeted with a smile, let’s speak soon!

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