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We Transport Automobiles

United Moving Solutions transports automobiles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans and boats all around the world.

  • Shipping for People and Businesses including Dealers and Manufacturers

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About Automobile Transportation

There are many reasons to allow professional movers to transport your automobile over both short and long distances. At times it can be more cost-efficient to transport a vehicle on a carrier than it is to drive the vehicle to the destination location. Other times it is impractical to transport a vehicle without using the services of a moving company because of a family’s logistical plans for their move. Many customers feel assurance as they have their vehicles shipped when they are informed of time estimates and provided with updates along the way. Professional movers will provide you with these updates and services so that you know where your vehicle is located in transit. If you have special wishes for your transport such as an enclosed trailer for a vintage or exotic car, United Moving Solutions will provide the correct solution. Or even if you are looking for the lowest cost solution for your family, no matter your needs and as a family-owned business, we are here to help!

United Moving Solutions is One Stop for All Moving Needs

United Moving Solutions is one stop for all of your moving needs. The most logistical decision for your family’s move may be to have us pack and transport your personal belongings in our trucks, and to ship your automobiles because there are too many of them for your family members to drive to the new location. Or if you need a vehicle shipped halfway around the world and then stored for a couple of weeks before you catch up with it, since we’re your one stop, we will handle all of your accommodations! Our friendly representatives provide door to door service and we take full responsibility for your vehicle while it’s in our care, so your move is free of stress. Contact us and we’ll talk about your needs!

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