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Moving Heavy Items

United Moving Solutions offers the moving and transportation of the heaviest household and office objects such as pianos, gun safes, and commercial office furniture and equipment. Our Las Vegas piano movers, move all types of pianos, including grand, baby grand and upright, along with any sort of bulky items you may have!

Why Choose Our Safe Movers In Las Vegas?

Save yourself the back pain by choosing movers for that large French Oak dresser! You should choose a professional moving company not only for safety reasons, but for the extra protection. These items require special care to ensure that they remain free from damage, along with the surrounding items, doors and jambs, and floors. Our safe movers in Las Vegas are licensed, bonded and insured, and even offer moving insurance that provides extra per-pound protection!

Choose United Moving Solutions

We use special equipment to lift these items such as dollies, hand trucks and specialized moving shoulder straps. All of our piano movers in Las Vegas are trained and physically suitable to move heavy items. Each situation is assessed to understand the best course of action which may mean removal of piano legs or the secure strapping of a gun safe to an appliance dolly. When these items are in our trucks, careful attention is paid to how they are strapped to walls in order to prevent any sliding around from happening during transportation. This is not only important for keeping your piano intact, but also vital for when we have fragile kitchen boxes on the same truck as a gun safe. The transportation of these objects requires special attention on the road, so you’ll notice us driving very carefully!

No Obligation Move Estimate

Our safe moving company in Las Vegas is experienced with moving not only pianos and gun safes, but anything you’ve got because we’re one stop for all moving needs! We provide no obligation move estimates whether you only need one item moved or you have a heavy item that is to be moved along with your entire house. We’re on time thanks to our logistical crew, and you’re always greeted by us with a smile. Heavy items are a burden, so contact us at United Moving Solutions, we’re here to help!

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