Materials for Moving

United Moving Solutions takes pride in the quality of their boxes and other moving materials
While thinking about moving, most people have their new home on their minds. They may picture their new job in Las Vegas, their new home in Summerlin North, and awesome new friends they’ll meet at Sheep Mountain. When it comes to actually moving their items, most people focus on the items themselves like the fragile old wooden dresser handed down from their grandparents, or their non-stick cookware that they do not want scratched. People typically think about the boxes and tape they’ll need, but fail to think of a few other very important essentials! You will want to fill those boxes with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or crumpled up newsprint paper sheets so that the items in them do not rattle around. If you have smaller fragile items such as ceramic vases or glass lamps, bubble wrap is your best option. For the larger items that you want to protect from scratches and the inevitability of items shifting around in the moving truck (this happens less when using professional movers), you’ll want these larger items wrapped in moving blankets. A three bedroom household will often need at least 30 moving blankets and a perk of hiring a moving company is that you don’t have to purchase your own! And even when it comes to boxes, some people don’t think about how helpful having boxes of different sizes can be. Did you know there’s such a thing as a “wardrobe box” which allows your clothes to remain hanging on hangers while being transported? This prevents wrinkles and rips on your expensive business outfits! In addition to moving materials used to prevent scratches and rips, there are other assistive essentials. Moving dollies and hand trucks take the weight off of the heavy items. Professional movers will have special equipment such as appliance hand trucks which securely strap your bulky washers, dryers and refrigerators while they are wheeled around; this is safer for your appliances than using a traditional hand truck. When a professional mover sees uneven and bumpy ground, they may choose to use shoulder straps instead of a dolly.

And don’t forget to use markers to label your boxes, which we’ll write more about in a future article. The needs for moving materials are vastly different for families of all types, so contact United Moving Solutions, we’re experts when it comes to understanding exactly which materials are needed for your move!